Admission Reviews

A clearly written and meaningful statement of interest is an important component of an application, particularly at the graduate level. The essay should be concise, written in clear language avoiding professional jargon, and demonstrate a clarity of thought. Ideally the interests addressed in the statement of interest are supported by the materials and projects documented in the portfolio. To whatever extent possible tailor the statement to the specific University, avoid the appearance of a boilerplate letter. Have you visited the campus, had friends or colleagues attend the University, researched or talked to specific faculty? If so include these types of details in your statement. Avoid rambling, your statement should be no more than one single spaced page. Avoid cliche’s (“I have always played with legos……) and speak to your specific experiences that have prepared you for graduate studies. What are you passionate about and how will this inform your graduate education?

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– Mary Kate McDevitt, Skillshare teacher with 50,000 students


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